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YKeeg Entertainment

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Our primary business at YKeeg is fun and games.

Rimmoria - In Development

In the land of Rimmoria, the cranky B. B. Snatcher has awoken from his nap and craves one thing.  Baby Droolie's collection of pacifiers.  Older siblings Chuckle Head and Blondie can't let the crying go on a moment longer and set out to recapture the pacifiers, but they'll have to face the wild imagination of Snatcher if they hope to collect all five colors.
(A game created for kids, with art created by kids.)

Planton Pistol - Nearing Completion

Fire the evil little guy across the ocean floor, avoiding seaweed beds and fish hooks.  Along the way jellyfish will jolt plankton even closer to your target at the end.

Chuckle Head in the land of Rimmoria

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Games and software made with the open source, DirectX game creator "Construct." 

"Because we're all a little Geeky inside."